Winnebago Man

11 Aug

Speaking of losing it…

We’ve all had those days. When you’ve reached the limit and still there’s no relief in sight. When you just missed the last train home and now you’re stuck in Suckville for the night.

You know, like when you’re at work, fighting hard to stay conscious as your boss (the same moron that putzed his way through the Electric Slide last Christmas after too much Goldschlager) waxes poetic about team building and someone’s cheese. Or like when you walk in your daughter’s room and trip over another heap of wet towels (the empty towel rung laughing from its lonely perch on the bathroom wall).

And yet, despite your increasingly detailed vision of shoving a watermelon-sized kielbasa up someone’s nose, you have to keep it together. You manage. Because surely there’s a law against treating sausage that way. Somewhere.

Luckily, for most of us, those moments pass without being filmed.

But what if they were? What if your job was being on camera? What if you had to stand in front of a whole crew of people and smile, delivering your rehearsed, inane lines, take after take, while keeping a lid on the pressure cooker?

What if the lid slipped?

This is what. This RV salesman is seething in a circle of hell you have to see to believe. Fair warning, he could put a bar full of sailors to shame. YouTube – The Definitive Winnebago Man.

Not only did Jack Rebney (now your favorite Winnebago Man) unknowingly become an underground hit as VHS tapes of his rant circulated in the 90’s, but when You Tube came on the scene, his popularity exploded.

And now there’s a movie. Oh yeah. Check out: Winnebago Man.

I haven’t cried this hard watching a video clip since Ford’s Evil Twin commercials. YouTube – Ford’s Evil Twin Commercials – Back to Back! So thanks to my brother Cheese for passing it along, and thanks to filmmaker Ben Steinbauer for taking it to the next level. I only hope I’m lucky enough to have Mr. Rebney’s piece de resistance playing in a theater nearby.


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