14 Reasons

19 Aug

Are we still talking about this? Really? Well, I’m done. The whole conversation is stupid.

Here are 14 reasons why repealing the 14th Amendment is the most asinine thing I’ve heard since Arizona started running it’s collective mouth back in April.


Because if Basil Marceaux (dot.com) qualifies to run for office (YouTube – Basil Marceaux : The Next Governor of Tennessee and YouTube – Basil Marceaux for TN Governor OFFICIAL CAMPAIN AD), any baby born here qualifies to be a citizen. Come on.


Because little brown babies are cute. See?


Because, for better or worse, if you’re born here, you’re one ah us. End of story. Parents of anchor babies, be advised.


Because random right wing rhetoric like this is why people hate Republicans. Thanks.


Because this is how you get a “Melting Pot.” Yeah. Remember that from 3rd grade?


Because pushing a baby out of your body is hard enough without adding this bullshit on top of it.


Because the 14th amendment is just as important as the rest of them, including the 2nd.


Because it’s only a HUGE part of how we define ourselves as a nation. (And I for one ain’t turnin’ into no commy).


Because the August 5th editorial in The New York Times was right: Editorial – Xenophobia – Fear-Mongering for American Votes – NYTimes.com, the danger from jet-setting pregnant Brazilians is probably pretty minimal.


Because it’s in the Constitution, and I’m just spitballing here, but that’s KIND OF A BIG DEAL.


Because the 14th amendment is a good thing. Just like it was 150 years ago.


Because you could probably count on one hand the number of illegals who are hiding in back rooms actually scheming to have “anchor babies.”


Because there are better ways to deal with the issue. This article is awesome. Barnidge: Anchor babies and angry readers go hand in hand – ContraCostaTimes.com. Read it.


Because inclusive is better/stronger/braver than exclusive. Any day. Any time. And it’s the right thing to do. DUH.


One Response to “14 Reasons”

  1. Mae August 19, 2010 at 11:57 am #

    DUH! Yes! Thank you

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