Great Recipes-No Foolin’!

For me, there aren’t very many things that can top a good meal.  Unless you’re already a chef, that usually starts with a good recipe.  Add fresh ingredients, some great friends or family, and lively conversation and you’ve got the perfect recipe for complete contentment.

Whether you’re pulling together  a quick dinner at home or you’re hosting something special, check out some of my all time favorites.  I promise they won’t disappoint.


2 Responses to “Great Recipes-No Foolin’!”

  1. Ryan Damaska April 15, 2010 at 2:10 am #

    So, not many will appreciate the genious of this but to be able to make an MRE into something that actually tastes good takes a bit of imagination. Say, you reach into the cardboard box and pull out the dreaded cheese and veggie omelette…bummer nobody likes the omelette. This meal can be saved provided you are willing to mix the cheese and some tobasco sauce with the yellow egg like materiel. Be advised this is not actually anything that resebles an egg, more along the lines of a very large bell papper loogie. So after you’ve pulled out the contents of your “meal, ready to eat” seperate the contents and survey your food.
    Start by getting your cheese and omelette packages ready to put into the heater that comes with your MRE. Tear open the heater and add a splash of water, add the cheese and omelette packages fold over the top and plave them both back into the cardboard omelette box to get at best a little warm. Be sure to prop up the box on a “Rock or Something” (it actually says this on the back of the heater direct quote with pictures for the ones in the cheaps seats) Next step is to tear into your granola cereal and add some water to let it soak for about five min. Usually there’s a poptart to snack on will the dehydrated granola cereal comes back to life and the egg and cheese abomination become luke warm. After you’ve eaten your poptart and are starving for anything with calories, tear open the heater and retrieve the two packages. Combine the cheese with the omelette and add some texas pete’s or tobasco to the mix. Stir until unrecognizable. Get out your spoon and dig in…just try not to think about how it looks or you won’t eat it. Once thats done dig in to the now rehydrated granola cereal…its ok tasting but mainly its there, I’m convinced, to remove the taste of the omelette from your palette. Usually there’s coffee in the breakfast meal and the fastest way to keep your dreary eyes awake is to open the freeze dried coffee and pour it into the sugar packet. Once combined throw it down the hatch like a shot of wiskey. It is guaranteed to keep you alert no matter what. Swish a little water around in your mouth, gather your trash and get ready to move…so much for creativity, the sarcasm took over.

  2. thefoolschair April 15, 2010 at 8:12 am #

    Dude…that was hot. Hang in there, Little Bro. Love you…

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